Spigen Classic One Apple iPhone X cover / case - Aluminum Gray 10th Anniversary Limited Edition

95.00 SR


Say Hello to the Past....

Spigen Classic One 10th Anniversary Limited Edition case for the Apple iPhone X brings back the feeling of nostalgia with the look of the very first iPhone for the iPhone X in a sleek form factor. The Classic look of the Aluminium Silver and Black contrast is constructed with our signature dual-layer structure. The outer Polycarbonate piece is made to resist scratches on your device while the inner layer handles all the shock in everyday drops. Each corner is furnished with Air Cushion Technology allowing Advanced Shock Absorption to protect against shock that is dispersed throughout the interior fractal-patterned TPU in case of external impact. Its edges are seamlessly curved for an ergonomic grip with Slimness delivering a perfect combination of Protection with Style.

A Bevelled cut out on the back shows the Apple Logo which is protected by the included Spigen Apple Logo Scratch Protection Film

Take it back to the classics with the latest Classic One.

Compatible with : Apple iPhone X