Promate USB Wall Charger, Heavy Duty Home Charger with 3 USB Ultra-Fast Charging Ports, Smart Current Detection and Built-In 1M Lightning Cable for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Smartphones, MP3, MP4, Tornado-3LT Black UK

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Tornado-3LT is a compact and portable home charger for Apple devices and devices supporting the USB charging. This compact home charger features a durable cable with a length of 1 meters and 3 USB charging ports. This home charger also features an inbuilt smart chip with short-circuit and over-charging protection, which gives you the freedom to charge your smartphone & tablet devices safely, without any hassle.Features:Heavy Duty Charger:Portable High output 4.8A charger to provide the safest maximum recharge rate for all USB powered devices with a dedicated output of up to 2.4A per USB. It is made from high-quality materials while providing impressive charging speeds for your mobile devices.Ultra-fast 3 USB Charging Port:Provide the safest maximum recharge rate for all USB powered devices with a dedicated output of up to 2.4A and dual USB port delivers up to 1.2A output current for each of two channels. Delivers a charging output of 2.4A enough power to quickly charge any USB device with ease. This portable USB charger, it has the ability to handle a wide range of inputs.Built-in Lightning Connector Durable Power Cord:This adapter comes equipped with a 100cm cable Lightning connector, thus providing you with the freedom to use your device further away from the socket. Ultra-compact with a foldable plug and equipped with international voltage compatibility. The built-in Lightning Connector power cord that allows you to charge your iPhone and iPad without the hassle of carrying around an extra cable. Our stylish, durable cables are great for at home or traveling.Charge 4 Devices Simultaneously:Simultaneously charge all your devices with the simple switch of a power point. Use your existing USB charge/sync cable for charging. It is a fast charger for iPads, iPhones, Android tablet, smartphone or any other USB compatible device simultaneously. Cable Organiser:This compact charger includes a fold-out plug and flexible cable storage to easily eliminate clutter and simply wrap the cord around when not in use.