Promate Power Bank, 10000mAh Battery Charger with 18W Type-C Power Delivery, Built-In USB-C and Lightning Cable, QC 3.0 USB and 2 Way Type-C Charging Port for USB and Type-C Devices,Crown-10QC Black

139.00 SR


Free yourself from carrying multiple cables with Crown-10QC a powerful 10000mAh lithium polymer power bank. Crown-10QC features in-built USB-C Cable and Lightning Connector cable along with 18W power Delivery and Quick Charging Ports that ensure the quickest charge to your smartphone as well as the power bank itself. Crown-10QC features a power indicator LED along with the One-Touch Button that indicates the amount of battery left in Crown-10QC. Moreover, it also features a Quick Charging 3.0 USB port for added functionality. Charge your devices on-the-go with Crown-10QC.