Promate LED USB Charger, Ultra-Fast 4.4A Universal 4 USB Wall Charger with Touch Sensitive Night LED Light, Auto Voltage Regulation and Smart IC for Smartphones, Tablets, iPod, Home, Office, Glint-4.UK

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Having a softly lighted path makes getting around the house a lot easier in the middle of the night. This white LED nightlight can illuminate any dark space in your home or office. Glint-4 also features 4USB charging ports to charge 4 USB chargeable devices simultaneously. It also offers a contemporary look and a USB charging port, allowing you to charge your smartphone and other mobile devices, all while brightening your room. Features: Smart USB Wall Charger: 5V/4.4A 4 USB ports allow you charge 4 devices simultaneously, built-in Smart IC module can detect the device automatically to deliver the fastest charging speed Compatible with all 5V devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Android phone, other smartphones, tablet, camera, Kindle, PSP etc. Soothing LED Nightlight: Eye-friendly LED night light, produce comforting gentle warm light to let you see better in the dark. This white LED nightlight can illuminate any dark space in your home or office. Touch Sensitive: Capacitive touch sensors are seamlessly integrated into the base allowing for On/Off of the LED Nightlight. It’s convenient and easier than flicking a light switch. Four USB Outputs Let You Charge 4 Devices at Once: Whether you're looking to get the most out of your plug sockets at home or trying to organize your desk, the Promate Four USB Charger is the perfect solution. Featuring 4 USB ports that allow you to charge and power 2 devices simultaneously. Portable LED Light Plugin: -Features hand-held size and wide voltage range (100V-240V), It is small, lightweight, compact, the plug is foldable which help to protect the plug. The simplistic design is beautiful and minimalist. LED USB Mini Nightlight is your best travel companion 4.4A Total Output for Quick Recharging of Mobile and Tablet Devices: Designed to replenish smartphones and tablets, the Ultra Four USB Mains Charger transfers a total of 4.4A of charging current from its USB ports. Smart IC USB Ports: The importance of achieving the correct charge rate is important to maximize the charging potential of your device. This is because bigger and more powerful devices such as tablets will require higher currents to charge effectively. Smart IC enable Intelligent to identify different devices to detect and deliver optimal charging current, it can protect your devices from damage Easy Operation : Plug into an AC electrical outlet socket and set light modes in button. It can do USB charging simultaneously with 4 devices, can also be used as a LED night light.