Hitachi EPA3000 Air Purifiers, White

584.10 SR

The Hitachi Air Purifier helps you to keep the ambience of your home pleasant and full of life.
Thanks to the appliance, the air inside your house is bound to be fresh, healthy, and adequately humidified.
The air purifier has three operation modes namely, Pollen, Oder, and Air Purify. This way, you can use the air purifier more efficiently to remove any bad odors from the surrounding.
Thanks to an intelligently designed remote control, you can operate the air purifier with unbelievable convenience. Also, an elegant white on the air purifier makes it stand out.
Key Features Applicable Floor Size: 33 m² Weight: 4 kg Outstanding Functionality The Hitachi purifier features a high-performance system, which features three fast and efficient operation modes called Pollen, Ode, and Air Purify.
The air purifier can be used in any of these modes to leave no room for bad odors in your house. Well-thought Design The Hitachi purifier sports a user-friendly design. Using a highly responsive remote control, you can switch on and off the unit conveniently.
In addition to this, you can also it remote to adjust the airflow speed and control the modes. Moreover, the compact build of the air purifier ensures use of minimal space for its placement.


Model Number EP-A3000
Color White
Item Weight 4 Kg
Product Dimensions 15.8 x 5.2 x 16.7 inches
Power / Wattage 43 watts
Voltage 240 volts