InnJoo E6 - Power Bank - 10400 mAH - Gray

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Dual output interfaces with 5V/2.1A Max efficiency, rapid 5V/2A input connector, and 85% great conversion rate co-determine an optimized efficiency and durability.

One-piece aluminum surface which is created by high precision CNC digital cutting and polishing is water and dust resistant.

An indicator light is built in E6. You can activate the power bank and check the power status by just a simple shake.

While charging/discharging, the light also indicates different status with different colors.


The indicator light blinks and shows Red during charging 
The indicator light lights still and shows Green after fully charged


After your device fully-charged, the LED turns off automatically after 8-12s 
The indicator light shows Blue during battery quantity of 25%-100% 
The indicator light shows Red when battery quantity is less than 25%

InnJoo E6 power bank is compatible with mainstream digital devices, and the output level would be automatically adjusted according to the specific device. Except smartphones and tablets, E6 works also finely with digital cameras and game consoles.

World-class protection

Adopting USB smart-control and charging/discharging chips, E6 promises a world-class safety.
Over temperature protection: Thermistor and temperature control mechanism make sure that the lithium battery works in a safe temperature.
Short-circuit protection: Fuse safety device helps protect E6 from abnormal short circuit.
Input over voltage protection: Intelligent circuits could protect E6 from input overvoltage.
Output over current protection: Intelligent detection of output current. At the very time the output current is beyond the limit, E6 will shutdown the output to protect the charged device.
Output over voltage protection: Intelligent detection of output voltage. At the very time the output voltage is beyond the limit, E6 will shutdown the output to protect the charged device.
Protection from overcharge and over-discharge: Smart built-in lithium battery protection device could avoid overcharge and over-discharge efficiently to prevent damage for E6.